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Start of the digital work phase in the "DiDi" project

Start of the digital work phase in the "DiDi" project

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What capabilities does AI have and what attempts are being made to regulate it? Prof. Dr Nikolaus Forgó addressed these questions in his keynote speech at the start of the digital work phase of the "DigitalisationDiscourses (DiDi)" project on 28 November 2023. His sober verdict: Whether the EU will manage to enact comprehensive regulation for generative AI with the AI Act currently in draft form is questionable. A fundamental prerequisite for dealing with new technologies is interdisciplinary dialogue, which Forgó also supports as the host of his podcast "Ars Boni".

The discussion about the contributions of the disciplines represented in the project to the discourse in the media was also based on this guiding principle during the course of the event. In addition to participation through their own research, the expectations of the other disciplines were also discussed. The impetus gained from the online meeting will serve as the basis for further project work, which will conclude with a public event in the second half of 2024.

Further information on the project is available on the project website