Tasks and objectives

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The objective of the Institute for Legal Informatics is to conduct research and teaching on current, future-oriented issues raised by information technologies, especially in the areas of data protection, intellectual property, electronic commerce and international law. A further focus is on the legal theoretical questions that arise in connection with information technology law.

The Institute has its roots in legal informatics. The technological developments that began in the 1960s and 70s soon led to questions that could not be answered satisfactorily within the existing legal fields of study. The legal analysis and evaluation of the consequences of the use of information technologies in the private and public sector required interdisciplinary cooperation from the very beginning, especially from the perspectives of law, computer science and economics. The Institute has been committed to this research approach since its foundation in 1983.

Legal questions raised by the use of information technologies cannot be answered satisfactorily from a national perspective, but must always be evaluated according to the case in a European or international context. The scientific work of the Institute incorporates this international dimension. In addition, there is a close network of scientific cooperation with numerous university institutes in Europe and abroad, which also specialize in information technology law or intellectual property law.

A special task of the institute is the promotion of young academics. Since its foundation, the Institute has supervised numerous doctoral theses and two postdoctoral theses. Since 1999, the Institute has been offering a supplementary course in IT law and intellectual property law leading to the award of a Master of Laws (LL.M.). In addition, the Institute is engaged in teaching as part of the "Schwerpunktbereich" of "IT Law and Intellectual Property". Since 2011, the bachelor's degree program (LL.B) "Information Technology Law and Intellectual Property Law" has been additionally offered, which can be taken as a professional qualification or as an accompanying course of study alongside the First Legal Examination. An international summer school on IT law "IN SITU" is also offered.