Projekt "smashHit" erfolgreich abgeschlossen

Project "smashHit" successfully completed

With the positive final evaluation by the European Commission, the Horizon2020-funded research project "smart dispatcher for secure and controlled sharing of distributed personal and industrial data (smashHit)" has come to a successful end.

The smashHit project focused on facilitating trusted and secure sharing of data streams from both personal and industrial platforms for building sectorial and cross-sectorial services. To achieve this, the project developed a framework for the processing of data subject’s consent as well as effective contracting, featuring joint security and privacy preserving mechanisms.

The Institute for Legal Informatics (IRI) and L3S Research Center (L3S) represented the Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) in the project. The IRI was, among others, responsible for the legal aspects around the development and deployment of the consent and smart contracting tools, and for the design of the project framework in a way that follows the principles of privacy by design and by default. The L3S was part of the group, which worked on a tool to enable the traceability and re-identification of data and their use.