The IRI is engaged in all questions arising in the area of IT law and intellectual property law. Within the institute the main research of the professorship deals with IT law with a specific focus on data protection and IT security. 


Data protection and IT security


Coming along with the rapid technical evolution this area of law is facing increasing national and European reform efforts. Questions of legislation and of the application of data protection/security law on a national and European level are monitored, analysed and commented. Next to data protection in medicine which is dealt with in the course of European IT related research projects specific attention is paid to the fundamental research in data protection.


IT contract law


"Software-as-a-Service", "Infrastructure-as-a-Service", "Application Service Providing", "Cloud Computing", "used software", etc. - new business models in the area of software licensing constantly lead to new (international) challenges in the area of IT contract law. Legal qualification and assessment of these business models as well as practical solutions are of specific interest.


E-commerce law


E-commerce is booming and - even in the B2C sector - it becomes more and more international. Not least this is a consequence of (European) consumer protection aiming to decrease risks for consumers buying online. The European legislator increasingly reacts with full harmonisation efforts. To monitor, analyse and comment on this development is a further focus of research.

Latest publications

  • „Das personenbezogene Datum nach der DS-GVO“, in Zeitschrift für Datenschutz (ZD) 2017, S. 455 – 460;
  • „Der Einsatz von Angriffserkennungssystemen im Unternehmen – Maßnahmen zur Erhöhung der Informationssicherheit“, in MultiMedia und Recht (MMR) 2017, 795 - 799;
  • „Die IT-Infrastruktur muss „sicher“ sein – aber wie? – Datenschutz- und persönlichkeitsrechtliche Anforderungen an den Einsatz von IDS- und SIEM-Systemen in der öffentlichen Verwaltung“ (together with Nikolaus Forgó and Fabian Schmieder) (in preparation);
  • Several short-articles in MMR/ZD aktuell.