Library of the Institute of Legal Informatics

Bücherregal in der IRI-Bibliothek Bücherregal in der IRI-Bibliothek Bücherregal in der IRI-Bibliothek © Eckhardt / IRI

A small specialized reference library is attached to the institute, whose stock has grown to over 4000 volumes in the course of time.


Restrictions due to COVID-19

The library remains closed until further notice.


  • Terms of use

    Persons authorised to use the library

    • IRI employees
    • students of the EULISP-programme, LL.B., focus studies (SP7)
    • others upon request

    Who can borrow books and how?

    Only IRI-employees are permitted to borrow books. The loan period is 30 days, which can though be prolonged. Students can only borrow books for up to 15 minutes to copy specific provisions. In exchange the student has to hand her/his ID over to the supervising staff.

    Procedure for employees:

    1. Find the book and take it from the shelf.
    2. Remove the small card containing the name of the author and title of the book from the transparent pocket in its inside-back cover.
    3. Write your full name and the date of borrowing on the back of the card.
    4. Lastly, place the card in the front part of the card-box. Do not place the card behind any of the dividers. (This will be done by the library team after registering your borrowing).
    5. To return, please place the books in the shelf marked "return of books".
  • Order of books

    All professors and research assistants of the Institute may order books for the library to purchase. Orders can be made informally by e-mail. It will be automatically forwarded to the responsible library team.

    Content of order


    The content of the order should include at least:

    • Title of the book, if possible ISBN
    • Name of the customer
    • Budget items for invoice processing (project, chair budget, general budget)
    • Desired location (library or office)
    • Link to the desired book on Amazon or another Internet provider

    Further procedure

    After receipt of the order, the desired title is checked in the catalogue. If required, the customer will also be informed that the title already exists or is available in an older edition and will be asked whether it should still be ordered. Any missing information (location, cost center, etc.) will also be requested.

    An order will only be placed once all necessary details have been provided.

    All incoming books immediately receive the IRI stamp of ownership and are first collected in the secretary's office until further processing. The books will be inventoried and registered as soon as possible after receipt. As soon as the books have received their signature, shelf number and location, they are temporarily stored in the library and a message is sent to the KATLIN team. The KATLIN-team then takes care of the cataloguing.

    After the registration has been completed and the final inspection has been carried out, the inventoried titles are returned to their respective locations and the ordering person is informed that the book has arrived.




Via the online catalogue of the reference libraries of the Faculty of Law, you also have access to the holdings of the library of the Institute of Legal Informatics.