Rechtshandbuch Künstliche Intelligenz und Robotik erschienen

"Rechtshandbuch Künstliche Intelligenz und Robotik" Published

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The work, edited by current and former members of the Institute for Legal Informatics (Christian Heinze, Tina Krügel and Björn Steinrötter) together with Martin Ebers, is dedicated in three parts (Basics, Fields of Law, Use Cases) with a total of 32 chapters to the legal questions raised by the use of artificial intelligence and robotics. (Table of contents available here)

The book goes back to a conference held in Hanover in 2018, which was one of the first events to attempt to provide a comprehensive overview of the consequences of the use of AI and robotics for the legal system. Thanks to the support of numerous members of the Faculty of Law in Hanover (including Roland Schwarze on labor law, Susanne Beck on criminal law and Jan Eichelberger on civil liability; also Claudia Niederée and Wolfgang Nejdl from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) and a team of authors from academia and practice, 18 fields of law (from labor law to civil litigation) and eleven areas of application (from automated transport to crime fighting) could be included in an interdisciplinary way.


"Rechtshandbuch Künstliche Intelligenz und Robotik" was published on 30.09.2020 by C.H.Beck, has 1034 pages and costs 199,- EUR. (Available here on; [GER])

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