Nikolaus Forgó is a member of the Research Center L3S (www.l3s.de). L3S is a research center for basic and applied research in the field of Web Science. L3S researchers are developing new, advanced methods and technologies that enable intelligent and seamless access to information on the Web, linking individuals and communities in all areas of the knowledge society - including science and education – and connecting the Internet to the real world and its institutions. The total research budget consists of over 6 million Euros per year, with a variety of projects in the areas of Intelligent Access to Information, Next Generation Internet, e-science, and web governance.

IRI is also involved in the L3S Leibniz Connections.

Research Initiative „Future Internet“

Nikolaus Forgó is a member of the research initiative “Future Internet”. The challenges of new technologies, especially the increasing interconnectedness of the Internet, cannot be addressed and answered by one institution alone, but only within a joint initiative of interdisciplinary research groups. 10 institutions including  the TIB / UB and LUH are involved in this initiative. In addition to the Executive Board, a speaker and a coordination site, the initiative has been structured into four working groups, dealing respectively with the Internet of Things, Audio Visual Data, Privacy & Copyright, and Services and Architectures. Prof. Forgó is particularly involved in the areas of privacy and copyright.

Center for Data Protection

Nikolaus Forgó is a founding member and President of the Center for Data Protection (www.privacypeople.org). This international and interdisciplinary non-profit organization has been set up under Belgian Law to support European research projects in data protection issues. It incorporates the knowledge and experience that has already been accumulated in the EU FP6 research project ACGT, as well as in other projects such as p-medicine and contract. This multidisciplinary knowledge should be available to support dealing with complex issues regarding international data protection. The Centre for Data Protection can also act as a "data controller" for a research project, as defined under Directive 95/46/EC.


The Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence (http://www.vph-portal.eu/) is a Europe-wide initiative to promote the conditions for flourishing bio-informatics research in Europe through collaborative and coordinated approaches. With the help of this project, the skills for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease should be improved. The continual increased networking within the medical sector will have a major impact on the future of both health care and the pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industry. Nikolaus Forgó is a member of the External Scientific Advisory Board.